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Samsung PC3700

Samsung PC3700 In Detail

We conducted two different tests: for one we checked out the possible timings at memory speeds of 200 MHz and 233 MHz (PC3200/DDR400 and PC3700/DDR466, respectively), for another we determined the overclockability using a short test at 250 MHz memory speed.

In both cases we taxed the system for just fewer than 20 minutes with Prime95, which is outstanding for use in memory tests like these due to its complex calculation of prime numbers.

PC 32003448Ok
PC 32002.5337Ok
PC 32002336Ok
PC 32002326Windows crashes while booting
PC 32002236Does not boot
PC 37003448Ok
PC 37002.5337Ok
PC 37002.5336Ok
PC 37002336Does not boot
PC 40003448Ok

When running at a speed of 250 MHz (PC4000 and DDR500, respectively) we had to set the timings back to the maximum to ensure stable operation. A lack of a more rugged processor forced us to refrain from any further speed increases.