My Own Server Part 1: DIY 1U Rack Servers

MSI P1-102A2M In Detail

Quick release - literally.

If the two unlock keys are pressed, the upper lid can be removed with very little effort. Very familiar components await us on the inside: In front, a Slim-Line version of a CD-ROM drive; beneath it, room for two hard drives. The motherboard is, as mentioned above, an ATX model. A riser card allows the PCI-X slot to be used (horizontally). On the right is the power supply, behind it the two system fans.

Used as an optical drive is the Slimline model from Mitsumi. A DVD ROM is conceivable, and even a DVD burner (e.g. for backup) is feasible in the 1U server with a tolerable markup.

  • jameshk
    if i buy this 1U server, can i use it for video edit and play games at home??the speed good then normal desktop?