My Own Server Part 1: DIY 1U Rack Servers


In servers, memory should be selected less for speed and more for reliability. Modules with ECC support (Error Correction Code) can compensate for single-bit errors.

Thanks to the support from dual channel modes, the E7210, like the desktop chipset 875P, offers considerably more performance potential than the 845PE. This should be taken into account when buying memory, because two DIMMs are not any more expensive than a module that is twice as large, but in our experience it offers significantly better performance.

Particularly when memory modules with ECC support are purchased, smaller amounts of memory (2x 512 MB rather than 1x 1 GB) are often the more economical choice. Which memory type you need depends mainly on the processor being used:

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Header Cell - Column 0 DDR266DDR333DDR400
Celeron2.0 GHz - 2.8 GHzOKidealOK (as DDR333)
Pentium 4, FSB4002.2 - 2.6 GHzOKidealOK (as DDR333)
Pentium 4, FSB5332.26 - 3.06 GHzOKidealOK (as DDR333)
Pentium 4, FSB8002.4 - 3.4 GHznot OKnot recommendedideal
  • jameshk
    if i buy this 1U server, can i use it for video edit and play games at home??the speed good then normal desktop?