My Own Server Part 1: DIY 1U Rack Servers

Hardware Installation

For cooling the processor MSI uses a special copper cooling element with three heat pipes. Thanks to the high heat-conduction capacity of copper the heat is quickly transferred to cooling fins with a wide surface. A metal cap ensures the necessary channeling of the air drawn out by the fan described above.


The processor is easily installed. But be careful: Almost all boards no longer support the older processor generation with the Willamette core! That refers to both Pentium 4 CPUs and Celerons. Right now that is not a serious problem, because these days you can get a Celeron with 2.4 GHz for about $70.

Applying thermal paste is also not difficult.

Finally, the CPU cooler is installed and fastened with four flanged screws.

The metal cap provides ideal flow-through.

  • jameshk
    if i buy this 1U server, can i use it for video edit and play games at home??the speed good then normal desktop?