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First Sightings: Three Early Samples of the GeForce4 Ti4600


As usual, the Taiwanese company ASUS will offer a vast selection of boards featuring GeForce4 Ti chips. Aside from the regular 'Pure' versions, which feature TV-Out and/ or DVI output, there will also be 'Deluxe' versions with TV-In functionality and a larger software bundle. ASUS was unable to give us any more specific information pertaining to these cards and the 3D shutter glasses that will most likely ship with them. At this point, the only cards that have been finalized are the 'Pure' versions:

  • ASUS AGP-V8460 Ultra/TD/128M - GeForce4 Ti4600
  • ASUS AGP-V8460 Ultra/DVI/128M - GeForce4 Ti4600
  • ASUS AGP-V8440 TD/128M - GeForce4 Ti4400
  • ASUS AGP-V8440 DVI/128M - GeForce4 Ti4400

These cards will come bundled with the games Aquanox and Midnight GT, as well as the software DVD player Power DVD 4.0 XP. As a side note, we were told that boards of the GeForce4 MX family would be named V8170. So far, we know of the V8170 SE (MX 420) and the V8170 DDR (MX440).