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First Sightings: Three Early Samples of the GeForce4 Ti4600

ASUS AGP-V8460 Ultra/TD/128M

Unlike the 'Deluxe' versions, the 'Pure' models strictly follow NVIDIA's reference board design. ASUS also chooses to stick to NVIDIA's specifications where clock speeds are concerned: 300 MHz core speed and 650 MHz memory speed. The 128 MB RAM consists of 4Mx32 DDR SGRAM chips rated at 2.8ns in a BGA package. The benefit of BGA packaging is its better signal quality, a must at these high clock speeds. According to ASUS, the BGA chips even use gold contacts to connect to the PCB, a technique that is common practice with HiFi components. We'll just have to believe these claims, as there is no way of finding out without destroying the card. Either way, the pre-production sample showed no improved stability when overclocked.

The heatsink only has a small heat dissipation area.

The heatsink/ fan combination does a good job, offering satisfactory cooling performance at bearable noise levels. But despite its size, the heatsink is not very effective. Its large and flat surface offers little potential for heat dissipation. The memory chips receive no cooling at all.

2,8 ns BGA SGRAM memory chips

ASUS was unable to furnish customized drivers for the test. Judging from the past, it's safe to assume that the drivers will be a mix of NVIDIA's reference release and some additional ASUS tools. The software bundle consists of two current games, Aquanox and Midnight GT, as well as a software DVD player, Power DVD 4.0 XP.

The new ASUS SmartDoctor HW monitoring software (for Deluxe models)

Whether or not a DVI -> CRT adapter for use with a second VGA monitor on the DVI port will be included has yet to be decided. According to early reports, these adapters may only ship with the Deluxe models. ASUS uses the Conexant CX25871-14 chip for the TV-Output.