SilverStone SFX Series SX700-LPT PSU Review

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Packaging, Contents, Exterior, And Cabling


The combination of black background and pale blue color on the package looks nice. A model number is printed up front in large letters, and the 80 PLUS Platinum badge is right below it. There is also a photo of the PSU with its fan grille exposed, along with SilverStone's logo in the center.

Technical and power specification tables are on top of the package, along with the available connectors list. Around back you find the efficiency and fan speed curves, along with short descriptions of the unit's most notable features (like the fully modular design, flat and stealth cables, and the single +12V rail). Finally, in the right-bottom corner, on the back, SilverStone provides a version number that could come in useful in case you want to track platform changes and fixes.


The PSU is protected by packing foam inside the box, so it should survive harsh shipping conditions.

As usual, SilverStone includes two detailed manuals in its bundle. This company pays great attention to documentation, which we appreciate. Unfortunately, the other accessories you get are more limited. They include a set of fixing bolts, an AC power cord, and the necessary modular cables. We'd like to see SilverStone ship the SX700-LPT with an SFX-to-ATX adapter in case you want to drop it into a normal ATX case.


There is a yellow piece of paper wrapped around the PSU notifying you that the fan won't spin until a certain load or temperature is reached. You have to remove this, of course, before proceeding with the PSU's installation.

Up front there's a small power switch, right next to the AC receptacle. The exhaust grille uses the typical honeycomb cells present in most PSUs.

On one of the two sides SilverStone sticks on a power specifications table, while on the other one you find a number of small stickers, including one that depicts the PSU's version number.

Around back, the modular sockets are covered by silicone caps. This is a nice detail that likely contributes, to some extent at least, the product's high price tag. There are only eight sockets due to the modular board's limited space, which is why the SX700-LPT comes with a single EPS connector, inevitably restricting its usability.

The finish is quite good. Although the external design of the chassis might be plain, SilverStone's logo in the middle of the fan grille center looks pretty nice.


All cables use dark wires and are flat, blocking less airflow inside your case. As mentioned, it'd be ideal if SilverStone offered this PSU in two cable configurations: the one we have and another with longer cables, plus an SFX-to-ATX adapter. Resist the urge to use cable extenders; they can significantly increase resistance leading to increased energy losses and voltage drops. In some extreme cases, cable extenders can even cause damage if they have thin wires prone to melting under taxing loads.

Contributing Editor

Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor at Tom's Hardware US, covering PSUs.

  • JQB45
  • powernod
    Purely disappointing!!.
    A permanent flaw (false power-good signal), combined with a periodical flaw (far out of specs ripple if this unit gets overloaded), are more than enough evidence in order for me to conclude that this PSU is a potential danger for the rest of the hardware!!.
    Once more, thanks for the great review Aris!
  • basroil
    I looked at the internals first, and from that assumed this thing would be an utter mess. Surprisingly it's only a mess... If it was rated as a 550W unit I would have just said the holdup time was disappointing, but as a 700W rated unit this thing goes in the junk list.

    And seriously, what were they thinking with that layout? One short and the thing will definitely fry and take down your circuit breaker with it. Considering the number of missed surface mount solder points, shorts are going to be likely.
  • gadgety
    Great review. Thank you.