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Socket 7: Fit For Years To Come!

Conclusion: AMD K6-III+/500 Is Speedy But Still Unofficial

Thanks to the K6-line of processors, CPU upgrades for older computers based on socket7 are still possible with the K6-2/500. Regrettably, AMD takes a rather inimical position towards end users as far as the 'Plus' versions are concerned.

The powerful AMD K6-III+/500 CPUs with 256 kB on-board L2 cache are exclusively sold to computer manufacturers and OEM customers. There's a simple reason behind it: this CPU is intended for Notebook use only. Our test CPU is an exception here.

Compared to both the AMD K6-2/500 and the K6-2+/500 benchmark results proved beyond doubt that AMD K6-III+/500 dominates its competitors. The K6-2+/500 as well as the K6-III+/500 are manufactured in 0.18µm process technology, resulting in a lower power consumption than K6-2 (0.25µm process). Additionally, both CPUs are equipped with PowerNow technology that helps to significantly increase battery life when used in notebooks.

One thing is obvious, though: AMD manufactures their speedy K6-III+/500 in comparatively low numbers. Many users who still use a PC with a Socket7 motherboard will regret this. If you believe the statements from AMD, the supply of socket7 CPUs to important notebook manufacturers (e.g. Hewlett-Packard and Compaq) will still continue for the next few years. So why shouldn't a PC user with a small budget benefit from them as well?