Sony HDR-HC1: A Quantum Leap For Video Buffs

Pinnacle Studio 10.5, Continued

By comparison with the expensive Premiere Pro package (MSRP $850), Pinnacle Studio 10.5 is very reasonable. For under $100, users get a capable video editing program with numerous basic functions that are sufficient to meet the needs of the vast majority of users.

Pinnacle correctly identifies the Sony HDR-HC1 video camera.

Very important: the capture format HDV2 means that the MPEG-2 data stream from the camera can be imported correctly.

Studio Plus 10.5 will output finished edited HD video material in whatever form the user selects, but only MPEG-2 and WMV9 are sensible selections.

But the current software registration process struck us as being in need of some improvement, since HD support is available only after the program is registered online. The same is true for special effects, which cost extra to turn on. However, ambitious video makers don't really need that many effects: they can use careful scripting and quiet camera direction instead to make themselves noticed.

Easy to create: HD video files in MPEG-2 format, but only after registering the software online.