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Your Top Picks: Tom's Hardware Forums' Q1 2013 BestConfigs

Presenting The BestConfigs Poll Results

Two weeks ago, we brought you our first System Builder Marathon of 2013. In the Marathon, three of our editors, Thomas Soderstrom, Don Woligroski, and Paul Henningsen, configured a handful of systems at set price points. Remember that's we're giving those boxes away. If you haven't yet entered to win one of them, check out the last piece in the series, System Builder Marathon, Q1 2013: $1,600 Alternative PC

But what about the systems that you'd configure?

Enter BestConfigs. Over the past several years, we’ve periodically asked the community of readers on Tom's Hardware's forums to submit their own favorite builds for various intended usages. The ten current BestConfigs are:

  • AMD-Based Home Office PC
  • Intel-Based Home Office PC
  • High-End Workstation
  • Home Theatre PC
  • Home NAS Server
  • Budget AMD-Based Gaming PC
  • Budget Intel-Based Gaming PC
  • LAN Party PC
  • High-End AMD-Based Gaming PC
  • High-End Intel-Based Gaming PC

Each build must include every component needed for a completed box (processor, motherboard, memory, storage, power supply, and enclosure). Optional components like coolers, discrete graphics, SSDs, and optical drives are also included in a number of setups, though peripherals like monitors, keyboards, and mice are not. Prices and availability may have changed since these builds were originally configured. Current prices can be found on the BestConfigs shopping pages.

Alright, first let’s take care of business with a couple of low-cost home office PCs, followed by a high-end workstation. Next, kick back in the living room with an HTPC and home NAS. Then it’s game time with AMD- and Intel-based budget and high-end gaming systems, along with a well-equipped mATX rig for the LAN party-goers among us.