Top Secret Intel Processor Plans Uncovered

Yonah1, Yonah2, Stealey

You might be well aware of Yonah now: It is Intel's next generation mobile processor. However, the firm won't call it Pentium M any more and instead selected the rather simple name "Core" to brand it. There will be a suffix Solo or Duo to mark single or dual core versions.

Yonah1 is a single core that will be the direct successor to the Pentium M Dothan which is being deployed in dozens of notebook designs today. There will be vesions with either 1 MB or 2 MB L2 cache. Yonah2 consequently is the dual core chip which will exclusively be available with 2 MB L2 cache. All Yonah type processors will be pin-compatible and available within three different voltage versions in order to meet different requirements of mobile computers (regular, low voltave or ultra-low voltage).

The Yonah2 is going to be deployed into the server space as well, but carrying the name Sossaman. This one will come in a different package to be compatible with Intel's Bensley platform and it is expected to cause considerable buzz in the low-power server space such as the market for blades.

There is an additional Yonah type processor which has not yet been mentioned officially. Stealey will be introduced several months after the Yonah1 and Yonah2 type processors. This one will be stripped-down single core with 512 kB L2 cache only. Obviously, this is going to be a budget processor for low-cost systems and to penetrate cost-sensitive markets.

  • ojas
    lol looking at this article in 2011, i realize that what was intended to be yorkfield became bloomsfield and vice-versa. funny how much things change. so much for the top-secret :P