Top Secret Intel Processor Plans Uncovered

Yorkfield And Harpertown With 8 Cores

The climax of Intel's move to 45 nm will obviously be processors with as many as eight cores on a die. Technically, the Yorkfield and Harpertown cores are pretty similar, while Yorkfield steps into the desktop space and Harpertown harpoons the enterprise customer. Both will be 45 nm parts, with four cores and as much as 12 MB L2 cache. We can't say how the geometry of this chip is going to be and we suppose Intel is not entirely sure yet either.

As it looks right now, four Wolfdale type chips with 3 MB L2 cache each could be lined up together in order to realize the huge quad core super chip. Alternatively we could imagine Intel pulling two quad cores with 6 MB L2 cache each. Although these are not yet outlined, we believe this could be added rather quickly.

45 Nm Processor Overview

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DesktopWolfdaleDual core, single die3 MB shared2008
DesktopRidgefieldDual coresingle die6 MB shared2008
DesktopYorkfield8 coresmulti-die12 MB shared2008+
DesktopBloomfieldQuad core, single die-2008+
Desktop/MobilePerryvilleSingle core2 MB2008
MobilePenrynDual coresingle die3 MB, 6 MB shared2008
EnterpriseHapertown8 coresmulti-die12 MB shared2008
  • ojas
    lol looking at this article in 2011, i realize that what was intended to be yorkfield became bloomsfield and vice-versa. funny how much things change. so much for the top-secret :P