Top Secret Intel Processor Plans Uncovered

Whitefield, The First "Real" Quad-Core

The next chip on Intel's 65 nm menu is Whitefield, a server product with 8 or 16 MB of L2 cache and four Merom architecture type cores on a single piece of silicon. Whitefield has already been around on several Intel roadmaps.

65 Nm Processor Overview

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CategoryCode NameCoresCacheMarket
DesktopKentsfieldDual coremulti-die4 MBMid 2007
DesktopConroeDual coresingle die4 MB sharedEnd 2006
DesktopAllendaleDual coresingle die2 MB sharedEnd 2006
DesktopCedar Mill (NetBurst/P4)Single core512 kB, 1 MB, 2 MBEarly 2006
DesktopPresler (NetBurst/P4)Dual core, dual die4 MBEarly 2006
Desktop/MobileMillvilleSingle core1 MBEarly 2007
MobileYonah2Dual core, single die2 MBEarly 2006
MobileYonah1Single core1/2 MBMid 2006
MobileStealeySingle core512 kBMid 2007
MobileMeromDual core, single die2/4 MB sharedEnd 2006
EnterpriseSossamanDual core, single die2 MBEarly 2006
EnterpriseWoodcrestDual core, single die4 MBMid 2006
EnterpriseClovertownQuad core, multi-die4 MBMid 2007
EnterpriseDempsey (NetBurst/Xeon)Dual core, dual die4 MBMid 2006
EnterpriseTulsaDual coresingle die4/8/16 MBEnd 2006
EnterpriseWhitefieldQuad coresingle die8 MB, 16 MB sharedEarly 2008
  • ojas
    lol looking at this article in 2011, i realize that what was intended to be yorkfield became bloomsfield and vice-versa. funny how much things change. so much for the top-secret :P