TorGuard VPN Service Review

Four-Star Reader Ratings

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☆ Rating:✓ Pros: Not expensive, not US based, it has P2P servers that I use a lot (one in Canada), and Torguard works well with Netflix from theirs servers in Europe and Latin America.✗ Cons: "Silent" disconnection from servers (specially Canada server), form time to time, what exposes my connection to my ISP provider - what it's very annoying when the ISP takes down the speed of my P2P download. Comments: Torguard is very important in my daily life. I general I like it, despite one problem or other that bothers me.
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☆ Rating:✓ Pros: Does-not cost too much and hides BitTorrent well. ✗ Cons: Interface a little bit too technical. Not all VPN locations use strong encryption. Comments: The strongest cypher (256-bit) site is not always available and I get cryptic message sometimes. When it works, it works great.
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☆ Rating:✓ Pros: Great Service, Lots of Locations.✗ Cons: Some bugs in the software arise from time to time. Comments:Great Service, Lots of Locations.
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☆ Rating:✓ Pros: Good speeds, good client, good location selection.✗ Cons: Nothing comes to mind. Comments: Good speeds, good client, good location selection.
  • John Doe What
    I have been with them for almost 2 years.
    I cant recommend TorGuard highly enough.
    Good speeds, lots of servers, NO LOGS, as thats the most important part!
    I feel my 30$ are well spent
  • yhikum
    They usually run a promotion at least once a year for discount on year subscription for $30.
  • firefoxx04
    I use tor guard as well. Excellent speeds and lots of server options. I was able to get 6 months for $15.

    The best part is 5 devices is plenty. I can even run the service on my tomato router, meaning anything on my network falls under that one device.
  • Azi-Ak
    Torguard. Big on privacy, no logs and good speeds. I recently left PrivateInternetAcces (PIA) due to slow connection and disconnections while torrenting leaving my real IP in illegal torrent swarms. I'm now 5 weeks into Torguard and only good things to say.
    Also if you use voucher code "TGLIFETIME50" you get 50% off. Subscription is less than $30/year, $10 cheaper than PIA, and in my personal option Torguard. runs consistently and fast.