TorGuard VPN Service Review

Test Results

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Seattle, WA (West Coast)Portland, OR (West Coast)
Phoenix, AZ (West Coast)Hood River, OR (West Coast)
London, UKMiami, FL
Cairo, Egypt (Middle East)London, UK
Tripoli, Libya (Middle East)

During our testing, TorGuard, like IPVanish, pulled the Istanbul/Cyprus switcheroo on us (when we selected Istanbul, it used Cyprus), but the service lacks an Israeli location (this was our fallback with IPVanish). The closest we could get was Cairo. As you’ll see in the following numbers, the Cairo results were lackluster at best. Whether that’s because of TorGuard’s choice in partners, the local infrastructure conditions, or other factors is open to debate. Conversely, we were pleased to see TorGuard’s Phoenix location also bust through our download ceiling at one point, like PIA's did. Apparently, Phoenix is the place to go for fast Internet.

Overall, TorGuard lags behind IPVanish by a bit, and it clearly trails Private Internet Access, especially after considering the latter's annual pricing discount. Global coverage is fair, and we do like the Stealth feature. TorGuard does not advertise allowing more than one connection at a time. If you want more, you can dig into the Upgrade/Downgrade page within your online account management and pay $1 for every additional simultaneous feed. Additional Viscosity licenses cost $2 each, and a dedicated IP runs $7.99.

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  • John Doe What
    I have been with them for almost 2 years.
    I cant recommend TorGuard highly enough.
    Good speeds, lots of servers, NO LOGS, as thats the most important part!
    I feel my 30$ are well spent
  • yhikum
    They usually run a promotion at least once a year for discount on year subscription for $30.
  • firefoxx04
    I use tor guard as well. Excellent speeds and lots of server options. I was able to get 6 months for $15.

    The best part is 5 devices is plenty. I can even run the service on my tomato router, meaning anything on my network falls under that one device.
  • Azi-Ak
    Torguard. Big on privacy, no logs and good speeds. I recently left PrivateInternetAcces (PIA) due to slow connection and disconnections while torrenting leaving my real IP in illegal torrent swarms. I'm now 5 weeks into Torguard and only good things to say.
    Also if you use voucher code "TGLIFETIME50" you get 50% off. Subscription is less than $30/year, $10 cheaper than PIA, and in my personal option Torguard. runs consistently and fast.