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TorGuard VPN Service Review

Five-Star Reader Ratings

☆ Rating:★✓ Pros: I've used pia and ipvanish in the past, but what sold me on torguard is the customer service. They are always helpful and take the time to explain things to an old man like me. I had trouble with my ddwrt router and them even fixed it through remote support. I wish comcast was this nice to me.✗ Cons: It would be nice to see them add more servers for us Australians. I use the Australia, New Zealand and Romania servers but the others can be a little slow from AU. Comments:Easy to use, fast VPN with excellent customer service.
☆ Rating:✓ Pros: I just trust TorGuard, you know that little fuzzy feeling ? i love all they do, there support is always fast and try there very best to help out with everything i have problems with.✗ Cons: Nothing i can think of in the 2 years, a couple of guides needed updated and they updated, that was about it. Comments:Been with them for 2 years and never had a problem, never had to look elsewhere.
☆ Rating:✓ Pros: Setting up the service to using the service, company statements regarding user privacy, pricing, all of these and others make this my VP provider of choice.✗ Cons: The latency but that is more nit picking than anything else. It's understood that with a VPN service there will inherently be latency so I can't claim to not know about it. Comments: The overall experience.
☆ Rating:✓ Pros: Lots of different locations.✗ Cons: They were slow in informing me about the WebRTC threat. Comments: Never had any problems connecting.
☆ Rating:✓ Pros: anonimity.✗ Cons: latency. Comments: good service.
☆ Rating:✓ Pros: A good mix of services and payment options. Nice VPN software and included license. No real problems in 3 years with my torrent proxy and 1 year with VPN service.✗ Cons: I had connection issues with their auto-routing proxy address but who knows who's fault that is. Solved by selecting specific proxies myself. Comments: Ease of use and haven't had issues with my torrent proxy and VPN service.
☆ Rating:✓ Pros: It gives me multiple connection options with unique IP's.✗ Cons: Nothing. Comments: Never had a problem, its fast and it can use Funimation through it.
☆ Rating:✓ Pros: Very easy to setup.✗ Cons: Nothing. Comments: Best service.
☆ Rating:✓ Pros: Rarely do I see any performance degradation using torguard. Client choice is varied, all easily utilized, and range from home grown openvpn to various easy to use clients that self update periodically.✗ Cons: Nothing to dislike thus far. Comments: Privacy policy in addition to array and performance of VPN offerings.

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  • John Doe What
    I have been with them for almost 2 years.
    I cant recommend TorGuard highly enough.
    Good speeds, lots of servers, NO LOGS, as thats the most important part!
    I feel my 30$ are well spent
  • yhikum
    They usually run a promotion at least once a year for discount on year subscription for $30.
  • firefoxx04
    I use tor guard as well. Excellent speeds and lots of server options. I was able to get 6 months for $15.

    The best part is 5 devices is plenty. I can even run the service on my tomato router, meaning anything on my network falls under that one device.
  • Azi-Ak
    Torguard. Big on privacy, no logs and good speeds. I recently left PrivateInternetAcces (PIA) due to slow connection and disconnections while torrenting leaving my real IP in illegal torrent swarms. I'm now 5 weeks into Torguard and only good things to say.
    Also if you use voucher code "TGLIFETIME50" you get 50% off. Subscription is less than $30/year, $10 cheaper than PIA, and in my personal option Torguard. runs consistently and fast.