Six Peripherals From Tt eSports, Tested And Reviewed

Tt eSports Cronos: The Monster’s Younger Brother

Younger brothers are often described as insolent, loud, and generally of the opinion that they can do everything better than their older siblings. In the case of Tt eSports' Cronos, this is actually true on several levels. Both the headset’s looks and sound are different than the Dracco. The cushy fabric seats of a large sedan give way to the sleek leather in a sports car. The headband’s size is still the same, thus providing a nice fit for all hat sizes. A significant price difference (the Cronos sells for $60 direct from Thermaltake) makes this a real alternative to its larger brother, giving us reason to review it as well.

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Impedance32 Ohm
Frequency Range20 Hz - 20 kHz (manufacturer's specifications)50 Hz - 14 kHz (measured, ±3 dB)40 Hz - 16 kHz (measured, ±6 dB)
Sound Pressure Level117 dB ± 3 dB (manufacturer's specifications)112 dB (measured)
Driver40 mm neodymium
Sound ImpressionRelatively balanced, suitable for all genres
Frequency Range100 Hz - 10 kHz (manufacturer's specifications)110 Hz - 9 kHz (measured, ±3 dB)
Impedance~ 2.2k Ohm / -54 dB (±3 dB)
General Specifications
Cable2 m general-purpose cable1 m cable for use with mobile devicesStandard headphone jack, can be detached from headphones via mini-jack, no locking mechanismCable remote control with mute and volume control
Special FeaturesCup and microphone lighting
AccessoriesBag for transport
Price (Street)$60

What’s in a name? In the Cronos’ case, you have the father of Zeus with a second "o" in there, rather than the "u", resulting in a new product name that nobody else has used before. More interesting is the product's actual design. As if the new shape wasn't enough, there apparently had to be a lot of light involved. LEDs on the ear cups and microphone arm are bright enough to turn you or whatever you rest the headset on into a stuck-on-red traffic light.

  • wiinippongamer
    Unnecesarily hideous looking crap
  • namtrooper
    Aimed at the teenage crowd
  • FormatC
    Right... ;)
  • Metalrenok
    Wouldn't even bother to buy these :s
  • Divyanshu Sah
    Truly nice products . Worth the purchase .
  • therogerwilco
    The colors are no good. The hardware looks like all the other hardware available.
  • g-unit1111
    No Level 10 products? I have the Level 10 Mouse and it's one of the best I've ever used.
  • -Fran-
    Lackluster features... Specially the headphones. Why invest in LEDs instead of using better speakers?!

    Makes no friggin' sense to me. Who is calling the shots for the quality and features of these pieces of crap?

  • FormatC
    No Level 10 products? I have the Level 10 Mouse and it's one of the best I've ever used.

    I've tested it long times ago and I'm using both by myself :)

    Level 10 Mouse:,3298.html

    Level 10 Headset:,testberichte-241398.html
  • Zorgon
    "Even before we question Tt eSports' color choice, the decision to use it on the F-keys, Enter, Shift, Alt, and Ctrl over WASD is perplexing."

    Perhaps you should do some research on who the target market is for this keyboard. I didn't see a single mention of the Prime *TEAM* anywhere in your review of the G1, rather you just kept calling it "The Prime". I mean, it even shows them on the box.