Six Peripherals From Tt eSports, Tested And Reviewed

Tt eSports Meka G1 Prime: A Very Red Mechanical Keyboard With Pink Accents

The idea of rocking a desktop full of peripherals from just one vendor isn't a new one (and in fact, we're sure more manufacturers would love for you to think this way), but it's a concept that's picking up popularity as companies continue adding well-coordinated eye candy to their product lines.

We've received a few requests to look at top-to-bottom portfolios from individual brands, so today we're happy to zero in on how well parts play with each other, and what it'll cost for the privilege of matching hardware. Of course, you can expect quality and usability to be tested in the same thorough manner you’ve come to expect. After all, the best-looking assortment of gear won’t do anything for you if it isn't functional. Before you buy a complete package, you deserve to know everything about it.

Today we have a mechanical keyboard, two different headsets (with acoustic benchmarks), a mouse, a pad, and some nice in-ear headphones for mobile gaming, all from Thermaltake and its Tt eSports line.

Meka G1 Prime Keyboard

The Tt eSports Meka G1 platform harkens back to the mother of all iOne clones, the X-Armor. The Prime adds a lot of flashy color and Cherry MX Brown switches to this tried-and-true, and mostly polished-to-perfection, platform. While we’ve come to know this keyboard well, the additional features make the new model more interesting.

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Technical Specifications
Keyboard Dimensions442 mm x 150 mm x 40 mm (feet folded in) or 54 mm (feet folded out)(Note: The manufacturer's technical specifications are incorrect, and most stores are using these wrong specifications)
Wrist Rest442 mm x 60 mm x 18 mm (Same note as above)
Weight1402 g
Anti-Ghosting/NKRO:Full NKRO if included PS/2 adapter is used, otherwise 6KRO
Key CapsCylindrical key cap design (good side support against slipping off)Pad-printed key caps, no laser etching
AccessoriesDriver CD
LayoutU.S. standard layout with 104 keysMultimedia keys present (double-assigned to F keys and FN key)
ConnectivityCable 1.55 m length, measured between keyboard and top of connector2 x USB and audio, cloth fabric sleevedAdditional USB hub with two connectors and its own connector cable Microphone and headphone connectors on back
WarrantyTwo years

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Cherry MX Brown Switch

Animation: "Lethal Squirrel" on geekhack.orgSwitchTactileSwitch ActuationCan be feltSwitch Actuation Travel2 mm from top4 mm from bottomSwitch Actuation PointCan't be feltActuation Force45 g to depress keyApp. 55 g peak force to actuate switchData SheetLinkPurpose and Suitable ApplicationsThe Cherry MX Brown keys represent a good compromise between ideal office and gaming keyboards. A small amount of resistance has to be overcome when pressing a key; as such, these switches are said to provide tactile feedback. The closely-spaced actuation and release points can be felt easily, which makes for faster writing and the ability to press the key repeatedly in quick succession. Those who want to play arcade games and write novels to pay off their mortgage on the side will be very happy with these keys. The minimum pressure to actuate the key is a bit lower than that of the Cherry MX Black keys, which can make for longer writing sessions without fatigue.

Thermaltake jumped on the mechanical keyboard train about two years ago with the original Tt eSports Meka G1. The Prime presents us with a challenge for the eyes and the mind. I’ll take a closer look on the next page.

  • wiinippongamer
    Unnecesarily hideous looking crap
  • namtrooper
    Aimed at the teenage crowd
  • FormatC
    Right... ;)
  • Metalrenok
    Wouldn't even bother to buy these :s
  • Divyanshu Sah
    Truly nice products . Worth the purchase .
  • therogerwilco
    The colors are no good. The hardware looks like all the other hardware available.
  • g-unit1111
    No Level 10 products? I have the Level 10 Mouse and it's one of the best I've ever used.
  • -Fran-
    Lackluster features... Specially the headphones. Why invest in LEDs instead of using better speakers?!

    Makes no friggin' sense to me. Who is calling the shots for the quality and features of these pieces of crap?

  • FormatC
    No Level 10 products? I have the Level 10 Mouse and it's one of the best I've ever used.

    I've tested it long times ago and I'm using both by myself :)

    Level 10 Mouse:,3298.html

    Level 10 Headset:,testberichte-241398.html
  • Zorgon
    "Even before we question Tt eSports' color choice, the decision to use it on the F-keys, Enter, Shift, Alt, and Ctrl over WASD is perplexing."

    Perhaps you should do some research on who the target market is for this keyboard. I didn't see a single mention of the Prime *TEAM* anywhere in your review of the G1, rather you just kept calling it "The Prime". I mean, it even shows them on the box.