USB 2.0 Sound: Creative Labs Audigy 2 NX

Nothing New On The Software Front, Continued

By sliding the cursor from the cut-off frequency, you will note that this is the frequency that displays. It should be chosen on the basis of the size of your satellite speakers (or rather the speaker inside them). In the case of standard satellite speakers, a frequency of between 120 and 150 Hz is generally a good compromise.

We were delighted to find that this model contains the seven-band graphic equalizer that appeared with the Audigy 2 ZS. This super tone corrector (plus a genuine equalizer) offers various presettings, which are intended to be used for the various styles of music. We think it's preferable to make your corrections depending on the loudspeakers with which your system is equipped and the acoustics in relation to where you are physically located when you listen to sound files. You can store them and access them again whenever you want .

The fact that it is an external sound card does not prevent the Audigy 2 NX from offering the same sound-processing options as the internal models. However, the Audigy 2 NX does not give you access to the most advanced effects that are possible with internal Audigy cards.