Three More External USB 3.0 Drives Benchmarked

PQI Software: Foretress

PQI adds a software package that includes a backup solution with security features, in addition to a utility called Ur-Smart. This environment supports email, file compression, instant messaging, a browser, and customization options. Ur-Smart is similar to the U3 launcher and application environment, and it launches when you connect your H566 drive to any host PC, providing you with a familiar environment. Although we find it useful, we have to say that solutions like U3 or Portableapps offer a wider variety of applications, plus Portableapps is free.

The backup app is called Foretress, and it includes backup and security through optional AES-256 encryption. The backup feature allows you to select folders. While it supports incremental backups, it doesn’t handle file versioning. At least it stores data directly, without repackaging into any container format, allowing the user to easily access saved data. Just keep in mind that Foretress is based on software encryption. Solutions like TrueCrypt are free and more powerful.