Vasstek's 'Quasi' RAID 6153S


Redundancy is always nice, especially when a drive meltdown decimates high profile data. You find yourself working on deadline and then, wham, your system has corrupted files, or worse yet, a drive that will no longer boot.

The Vasaid RAID1m "RAID-esque" controller is an attempt to end mankind's data-loss plague. The 6153s controller is standard PCI and features a single SATA port. The "protected" disk is connected to the port, and during, boot you can choose the mode in which the controller functions, either in normal ATA or RAIDm1. The Vasstek includes support for 48-bit logical block addressing (LBA), which allows for drive sizes up to 144 PB (144,000,000 GB). In addition to the card, our test sample shipped with a SATA cable, driver CD/software and a manual. Vasstek also offers Parallel ATA solutions featuring RAIDm1, which are found in their 6112P and VSC6110 (chip-based) models.

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