VGA Charts II: High-End Systems


UPDATE: Matrox Parhelia 128 MB added

Welcome to the extensively updated Tom's Hardware Guide VGA Charts. In the first part of the article, we look at the performance from 29 graphics cards on very fast PC systems. In the second part , we'll also give you an overview of performance on slower systems.

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GeForce2 MX400 64 MBNVIDIA Reference v41.09200/166128Bit SD
GeForce2 ULTRANVIDIA Reference v41.09250/460128Bit DDR
GeForce2 TiNVIDIA Reference v41.09250/400128Bit DDR
GeForce3NVIDIA Reference v41.09200/460128Bit DDR
GeForce3 Ti200 64 MBNVIDIA Reference v41.09175/400128Bit DDR
GeForce3 Ti200 128 MBNVIDIA Reference v41.09175/400128Bit DDR
GeForce3 Ti500NVIDIA Reference v41.09240/500128Bit DDR
GeForce4 MX440NVIDIA Reference v41.09270/400128Bit DDR
GeForce4 MX440-8xNVIDIA Reference v41.09275/512128Bit DDR
GeForce4 MX460NVIDIA Reference v41.09300/550128Bit DDR
GeForce4 Ti4200 64 MBNVIDIA Reference v41.09250/514128Bit DDR
GeForce4 Ti4200 128 MBNVIDIA Reference v41.09250/444128Bit DDR
GeForce4 Ti4200-8x 128 MBNVIDIA Reference v41.09250/514128Bit DDR
GeForce4 Ti4400NVIDIA Reference v41.09275/550128Bit DDR
GeForce4 Ti4600NVIDIA Reference v41.09300/650128Bit DDR
ATI RADEON 7000/VEATI v6.13.10.6218183/18364Bit DDR
ATI RADEON 7200 DDR 32 MBATI v6.13.10.6218166/166128Bit DDR
ATI RADEON 7200 DDR 64 MBATI v6.13.10.6218183/183128Bit DDR
ATI R7500 BBA*ATI v6.13.10.6218290/460128Bit DDR
ATI R8500 128 MB BBA*ATI v6.13.10.6218250/500128Bit DDR
ATI R8500 BBA*ATI v6.13.10.6218275/550128Bit DDR
ATI R8500 LEATI v6.13.10.6218250/500128Bit DDR
ATI R9000ATI v6.13.10.6218250/400128Bit DDR
ATI R9000 PROATI v6.13.10.6218275/550128Bit DDR
ATI R9500ATI v6.13.10.6218275/550128Bit DDR
ATI R9700ATI v6.13.10.6218275/550256Bit DDR
ATI R9700 PRO(ATI All In Wonder 9700 PRO)ATI v6.13.10.6218325/620256Bit DDR
SIS Xabre 400SiS v3.08250/500128Bit DDR
SIS Xabre 600SiS v3.08315/630128Bit DDR
Matrox Parhelia 128 MBMatrox v1.2.0.42220/500256Bit DDR