Intel's Xeon E5-Series Line-Up Expands; Gets Explained

We got an early look at Intel's latest business-class processors with Intel Xeon E5-2600: Doing Damage With Two Eight-Core CPUs. However, that piece only covered one SKU (the workstation-oriented E5-2687W) in a very crowded line-up of dual-socket-capable chips.

Recently, the company expanded the dual-socket segment to include more entry-level models (the Xeon E5-2400s) and added a number of four-socket-capable processors (the Xeon E5-4600s).

The following list comes from our E5-2600 story and covers all 17 of those models.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Cores/ThreadsCacheTDPQPIMemory Support
Xeon E5-26908/1620 MB135 W8 GT/sDDR3-1600
Xeon E5-26808/1620 MB130 W8 GT/sDDR3-1600
Xeon E5-26708/1620 MB115 W8 GT/sDDR3-1600
Xeon E5-26658/1620 MB115 W8 GT/sDDR3-1600
Xeon E5-26608/1620 MB95 W8 GT/sDDR3-1600
Xeon E5-26508/1620 MB95 W8 GT/sDDR3-1600
Xeon E5-26406/1215 MB95 W7.2 GT/sDDR3-1333
Xeon E5-26306/1215 MB95 W7.2 GT/sDDR3-1333
Xeon E5-26206/1215 MB95 W7.2 GT/sDDR3-1333
Xeon E5-26094/410 MB80 W6.4 GT/sDDR3-1066
Xeon E5-26034/410 MB80 W6.4 GT/sDDR3-1066
Additional LGA 2011 SKUs
Xeon E5-2687W8/1620 MB150 W8 GT/sDDR3-1600
Xeon E5-26676/1215 MB130 W7.2 GT/sDDR3-1333
Xeon E5-26434/810 MB130 W6.4 GT/sDDR3-1066
Xeon E5-26372/45 MB80 WRow 18 - Cell 4 Row 18 - Cell 5
Low Power
Xeon E5-2650L8/1620 MB70 W8 GT/sDDR3-1600
Xeon E5-2630L6/1215 MB60 W7.2 GT/sDDR3-1333

In addition, there are now eight Xeon E5-4600 CPU models and nine Xeon E5-2400-series processors. The more detailed breakdown of those goes as follows:

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Header Cell - Column 0 Cores/ThreadsBase ClockCacheTDPQPIMemory Support
Xeon E5-2400
Xeon E5-24708/162.3 GHz20 MB95 W8 GT/sDDR3-1600
Xeon E5-2450L8/161.8 GHz20 MB70 W8 GT/sDDR3-1600
Xeon E5-24508/162.1 GHz20 MB95 W8 GT/sDDR3-1600
Xeon E5-24406/122.4 GHz15 MB95 W7.2 GT/sDDR3-1333
Xeon E5-2430L6/122 GHz15 MB60 W7.2 GT/sDDR3-1333
Xeon E5-24306/122.2 GHz15 MB95 W7.2 GT/sDDR3-1333
Xeon E5-24206/121.9 GHz15 MB95 W7.2 GT/sDDR3-1333
Xeon E5-24074/42.2 GHz10 MB80 W6.4 GT/sDDR3-1066
Xeon E5-24034/41.8 GHz10 MB80 W6.4 GT/sDDR3-1066
Xeon E5-4600
Xeon E5-4650L8/162.6 GHz20 MB115 W8 GT/sDDR3-1600
Xeon E5-46508/162.7 GHz20 MB130 W8 GT/sDDR3-1600
Xeon E5-46408/162.4 GHz20 MB95 W8 GT/sDDR3-1600
Xeon E5-46208/162.2 GHz16 MB95 W7.2 GT/sDDR3-1333
Xeon E5-46176/62.9 GHz15 MB130 W7.2 GT/sDDR3-1333
Xeon E5-46106/122.4 GHz15 MB95 W7.2 GT/sDDR3-1333
Xeon E5-46076/122.2 GHz12 MB95 W6.4 GT/sDDR3-1333
Xeon E5-46034/82 GHz10 MB95 W6.4 GT/sDDR3-1066
  • RazorBurn
    Would love to see Toms review one of the Quad Socket Xeon E5-4600..!!
  • amuffin
    Great price/performance, especially with dual socket boards. The quad core ones are around the 300 dollar range too!
  • mayankleoboy1
    prettier than the previous videos
  • juan83
    If I just could have that girl.. oh.. yes! and one of those Xeons too :P
  • I think clockspeed is a rather odd omission from that top table, are we just supposed to trust that the bigger model numbers with bigger TDPs are faster?
  • A Bad Day
    I wonder what are their price?
  • ashinms
    Wanna see some E7s. Quad socket 10 core procs FTW!
  • ta152h
    Kudos to the girl, she went from poor to mediocre. A big improvement in her presentation.

    I'm wondering if Intel included too many models. It's a bit crowded, and could easily confuse people looking into these products and cause analysis paralysis.

  • bit_user
    Hey, where in the charts are the E5-16xx models?

    How about some clock speeds?

    And no mention of DDIO and other E5 Xeon-specific features?
  • bit_user
    A Bad DayI wonder what are their price?To darn high, for the most part.

    You can find them here: