Zotac GeForce RTX 3050 Twin Edge OC Review: An Overpriced Overclock

A big price jump for a minor OC

Zotac GeForce RTX 3050 Twin Edge OC
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We weren't expecting a lot from the minor overclock Zotac applied to the Twin Edge OC, and we weren't disappointed. Actually, we were disappointed, but it was fully expected.

Most of the add-in card manufacturers are making at least two different models of the RTX 3050. One has reference clocks and has a nominal MSRP of $250, while the other comes with a typically minor factory overclock and a much higher price. As we said at the start, there's little reason to expect a large supply of reference clocked cards when most GPUs will easily handle the 1–3% overclocks of the more expensive cards, which means the card manufacturers will prioritize supply of the expensive models.

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On the one hand, that seems bad, but realistically the RTX 3050 was never going to be sold in anything more than token quantities at $250 when slower GPUs are going for nearly twice that much right now. While we continue to wait for supply to catch up with demand — and there are signs and reports that it's at least heading in the right direction — just know that any reasonable graphics card will likely cost at least 50% more than the official AMD and Nvidia MSRPs.

In days of yore, it used to be that a company like Zotac would have a barebones reference clocked card priced at Nvidia's official MSRP, or maybe even $10 below it. Then there would be a nearly identical card with perhaps slightly better components and a factory overclock selling for a minor $20 price premium. I bought a GTX 970 card from Zotac way back in the day for $330, and it served me well — I still have it. Over seven years later, the general design hasn't changed all that much, but now the overclocked model is being sold for a premium. If you don't like it, don't buy it. It's as simple as that. Because things will improve at some point, and you'll either get a faster and newer GPU for a similar or lower price, or else you'll be able to pick up the same GPU and only pay a bit more than Nvidia's $250 target price.

Apparently patience is still a virtue, and if you choose to forego patience, the typical eBay price sits at around $535 right now, more than twice the MSRP, though that includes all RTX 3050 variants. Frankly, that's ridiculous, as AMD's RX 6600 can be had for around $505 off eBay. The RTX 3050 might have a slight edge in ray tracing games, and DLSS is still worth a thought, but the AMD card was typically 30–40% faster than the RTX 3050 in standard games.

It's been said countless times over the years that there's rarely such a thing as a truly bad product, only bad prices on products. The Zotac RTX 3050 Twin Edge OC lands squarely in that second category for the time being — along with pretty much every other GPU released in the past several years. The RTX 3050 would be a great card at $250, a good card at $300, and perhaps at least acceptable at $350. Unfortunately, at $400, it's simply too much, and the eBay prices are straight up laughable. Keep waiting, and eventually things will finally get sorted out.

Jarred Walton

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  • Exploding PSU
    Checked the local store here right when it finally arrived (this exact model), 810 AUD. I think I'll just wait it out
  • Agera One
    The Twin Edge OC model from Zotac on the RTX 3060 had one extra heat pipe than the non-OC model, so the cost increase may be because of hardware changes too. Their 3050 web pages doesn't show any hardware changes though.
  • Old Molases
    is it worth buying?