Microsoft's redesign of the Windows 11's Weather app shoves in yet more ads

@ChangeWindows' screen capture of the Windows 11 Weather app's new ads
(Image credit: @ChangeWindows on Twitter)

As Microsoft continues rolling out updates to Windows 11 and its included software that most people didn't ask for, alarm bells have rung with the redesign of the Windows 11 Weather app— an app that now appears to be not only less functional but seems to have been made worse just to place yet more advertisements. This was most thoroughly observed by user @ChangeWindows in their X thread, which is embedded below.

Microsoft has already received much criticism for adding egregious ads to nearly every facet of Windows 11, a paid operating system—the most egregious of them all being Start Menu Ads. The advertisements in an already-paid operating system have received plenty of backlash, and now Microsoft seems to be doing it while explicitly making its stock OS apps less functional.

Besides adding egregious advertisements, @ChangeWindows' original thread details how Microsoft removed many useful widgets and cards in favor of more ad space or just plain confusing replacements. Who needs to see the day's dew point temperature more than the weather forecast? Someone at Microsoft must, because the changes to the Weather app have moved that to the forefront. 

Fortunately, we don't live in a world without recourse for these things. While the staple Windows 11 app for removing built-in ads has yet to be updated for these in particular, most of Windows 11's ads, including the infamous Start Menu ads, can already be disabled with the appropriately-named "Oh F*ck Go Back" utility

Those looking for a better Weather app for Windows may also want to consider FluentWeather or Lively Weather. Both are ad-free, FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) solutions that fit well with the native theming of Windows 10 and 11.

As a silver lining, Windows 10 users who want to stay away from Windows 11 due to justified reasons like this may have some recourse if they don't want to pay Microsoft for the privilege of extended Windows 10 support past 2025. However, as insisted by Microsoft and "the market," the era of Windows 10 PCs seems set to end sooner rather than later, regardless of the consequences to our environment or our eyes.

Christopher Harper
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  • ezst036
    It is so dis-tasteful. At least the (mentioned) OFGB utility can (for now) turn off all of the ads already present in this adware operating system:

    1: File Explorer ads
    2: Lock screen ads
    3: Settings screen ads
    4: General tips ads
    5: "Finish setup" ads
    6: Windows Experience ads
    7: Start Menu ads
    8 Now: - Weather app ads
    Has any enterprising journalist figured out who Microsoft sells user data to?

    Among the users "someone" is clicking the ads. Microsoft forces Windows Accounts - so they know who the users are who are clicking. By definition, adware collects data. Who are the buyers?

    Amazon? Newegg? Who are the buyers that Microsoft sells user data to?
  • TechyIT223
    This is getting sick and invasive. Hope someone can sue MS for shoving up ADs on users.
  • Rabohinf
    I use ShutUp10 and Sophia Script for Windows to control most objectionable behavior from Windows and Microsoft. The only store app I use is MyRadar ad free. Everything else is removed and replaced by third party software, FOSS if possible.

    Open Shell
    Shell Folder Fix
    WinAero Tweaker
    Ultimate Windows Tweaker
  • vijosef
    Remember: If you can't uninstall an app on a certain operating system, some antivirus software lets you quarantine the executable to prevent it from running.

  • hotaru251
    People already stick to XP still and they honestly dont think ppl are gonna boycott "upgrading" (its a user experience downgrade) and just take the risk of not getting updates...or go further out of spite & learn how to use linux (or even more scornful switch to an apple device assuming games/apps keep getting more support on arm)
    Should be laws about how if you pay for WIndows & they show ads you can take em to for someone pirating the os? sure they are not paying thus arent customer but the product, however if a person pays for it then they are the customer not the product....
  • Releximas
    Lol.... glad I don't peruse the Win OS regularly (looking at ads) when I can use a separate browser to do the same!🤭

    However, wake me up when Win 11 restores taskbar movement functionality (NOT Icons on the taskbar.... the taskbar itself) to the left, right and top of the screen, not just the bottom! I'm a left-aligned person myself, and will not upgrade from Win 10 to 11 unless/until MS restores this basic function.... 🤔
  • Eximo
    I believe there is a tool called startallback out there that corrects that particular Windows 11 flaw. My brother is also one of those that likes a vertical task bar.

    I think in Windows 11 itself you can reghack the task bar to the top, but not the sides.
  • danny009
    Adware, spyware, rootkits. That is what Microsoft do these days. I'm a former Microsoft fanboy since 2000s, never thought I say I miss Bill Gates at this point.
  • ingtar33
    it's not a surprise. the weather app is one of the few additions to windows since win7 that the public in general likes. since it's one of the add on features no one seems to turn off it was just a matter of time before it became a vehicle for microsoft to shovel more ads into your face.
  • Neilbob
    Microsoft is starting to tick me off lately with all this absurdity. I was at my parents a couple of days ago, and during a boring patch I opened up the Solitaire and Casual Games thingy on their Windows 10 PC. I was utterly startled when random property ads popped up at one side of the screen.

    I don't use that thing at home, so I was unaware even something as seemingly innocent as that was subject to unwarranted marketing. Ads don't work on me, and they never have. I would kill to have a simple toggle to universally disable the stupid things.