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Google Withdraws Two Patent Claims Against Microsoft

Google has withdrawn two patent claims against Microsoft stemming from its subsidiary, Motorola Mobility.

The motion ends the ITC patent battle between the two technology giants, which initially began in November, 2010. Motorola had sued Microsoft over wireless and video coding patents used in the Xbox 360 and its smartphones.

Microsoft, however, said the smartphone manufacturer was unfairly seeking excessive royalty payments for the H.264 video patents. Motorola demanded between $100 million and $125 million on an annual basis for the usage of the patents in question, while the former said it'd settle for $502,000 per year.

A U.S. judge had previously ruled that Motorola will not be granted an injunction against Microsoft products including the Xbox 360 and Windows within the United States and Germany.

"Motorola intends to enforce its rights for past damages in the District Court lawsuits," said the motion filed today by Google, which bought Motorola Mobility during the May of 2012 for $12.5 billion. Although two patents were withdrawn, a third (U.S. Patent No. 6,069,896) that pertains to a wireless peer-to-peer network remains in the complaint.

"We're pleased that Google has finally withdrawn these claims for exclusion orders against Microsoft, and hope that it will now withdraw similar claims pending in other jurisdictions as required by the FTC Consent Order," said David Howard, Microsoft's deputy general counsel.

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