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Limited Edition Murderbox MK II Case Costs $1200

PC gamers looking to save a buck when building their next gaming rig may need to look elsewhere other than Murderbox's latest Limited Edition chassis. For $1200 USD, you may be able to build a decent setup if the components are chosen wisely. Then again, if you're feeling spunky, you could simply spend the same amount on a single desktop case such as the MKII, and look both sexy and high class to your fellow system builders.

Meet the Limited Edition MKII case, a $1200 unibody chassis with flush mounted acrylic windowed side panels framed in aluminum. Murderbox claims that the raw aluminum is media-blasted using a proprietary process, producing a fine-texture surface which is then finished with black anodizing. The two side panels are mechanically etched, producing an organic brush stroke effect, and then finished with a black anodizing treatment.

"All the parts of the Murderbox MKII are meticulously crafted using precision methods and tolerances. Each MKII is assembled by hand using black-oxide coated hex socket head screws, secured into tapped & threaded holes or PEMs," reads the product description.

The MKII is based on the company's SilverStone TJ07 unibody design featuring smooth radius curves and bold lines. The 7-bay opening at the front has been ripped out and replaced with a single, 5.25-bay and internally retracting door. The configuration has also been changed, and the size of the power button reduced. Now the chassis features the Murderbox illuminated logo-lines which start above the front door, wrap around the top curve, and finish by blending into an optical drive slot on top of the case.

The motherboard tray is 8-mm thick and made of solid aluminum. It slides in and out on rails like the original TJ07 version, but the company has added nylon channel inserts to the rails to make the "action" smooth and protect the contact surfaces from damage. Murderbox said the 8-mm thickness allows it to machine out material for things like the uniquely numbered Limited Edition murderbox MKII logo plate and the vertically adjustable EVO.2 Floating Reservoir Holder Mounts.

"The heart of the MKII, the Drive Structure Assembly, is the most profound change to the original TJ07, providing massive functionality enhancements," the company said. "The Drive Structure Assembly is a fully modular design thanks to its solid 8mm aluminum outer structural supports and easily removable inner mounting pieces that can be replaced with alternatives based on future configuration needs."

Here's a list of features:

* IATX MKII unibody chassis with flush mounted acrylic windowed side panels
* Front door assembly for 5.25 bay
* Front illuminated logo light assembly (red)
* Front drive structure with optical drive mount, 3x SSD and 3x HDD sleds
* CD/DVD writer slot-load optical drive
* Motherboard tray with integrated reservoir mount plate
* Structural and 2x clean midplates
* Backplate and PSU mount plate
* Acrylic Serpentine Topgrill with flange (with laser etched case serial number)
* Quad radiator mount with custom made fan power 4:1 3pin wiring harness
* Black PCB set: PCB1, PCB2, and PCB3
* Power/reset button PCB & cover with 90cm black wires and connectors
* 8x SATA3 data cables
* 2x custom made sleeved power cables
* 2x 3mm thick logo plate with unique case serial number
* EVO.2 Floating Reservoir Holder mount (60mm)
* Custom made black fitted material case cover
* 2x Bahco ERGO hex socket head screwdrivers

The Murderbox MKII chassis can be "reserved" for $1200 USD here. There's also a huge batch of screens found here just in case you need a better lookat this premium desktop case. It's pretty, we know.


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