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MSI Shows Off Slider S20 Ultrabook at Computex

With Windows 8 coming in just a few short months, Computex is wall-to-wall Windows 8. Companies have brought ultrabooks, tablets and everything in between. One such device is MSI's Slider S20, which is a convertible ultrabook with a unique sliding design.


The Slider S20 is a hybrid notebook/tablet offering that converts from tablet to ultrabook via a slider mechanism that that attaches the display to the base unit/keyboard. In tablet mode, the keyboard slides back behind the display.

The Slider S20's touchscreen display means that users will be able to make proper use of Windows 8's touchy-feely Metro UI. However, such a form factor, while slick, also carries the risk of making the device seem bulky while in slate mode. For reference, MSI says the device is 2 cm thick, which is the same as Asus' Zenbook. However, the guys at Engadget Spanish confirmed that the Slider S20 was 'a bit chunky.'

Specwise, we don't have a lot to go on for the Slider S20, as MSI says this device won't launch until Q3 of this year. What we do know is that the notebook will be powered by Intel's Ivy Bridge, will sport 4 GB of RAM, and pack support for Bluetooth 4.0, HDMI and USB 3.0.

Pricing and release details have not yet been released but we'll keep you posted!

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