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Intel Launches Moorestown, Supports Android

Intel announced on Wednesday that its new Moorestown platform is now available, consisting of the 45nm "Lincroft" system-on-a-chip Intel Atom Processor Z6xx Series Family, the Intel Platform Controller Hub MP20 ("Langwell"), and the dedicated Mixed Signal IC (MSIC) codenamed "Briertown." Focused on the mobile sector, the new platform promises "PC-like" features for smartphones and tablets including true 3D graphics, 1080p video, multitasking, and more.

But while the platform focuses on high performance for portable devices, it also aims to keep the power consumption relatively low. "Collectively these new chips deliver significantly lower power including >50x reduction in idle power, >20x reduction in audio power, and 2-3x reductions across browsing and video scenarios," the company said. "These power savings translate into >10 days of standby, up to 2 days of audio playback and 4-5 hours of browsing and video battery life."

Intel said that Moorestown supports up to 1.5 GHz for high-end smartphones, and up to 1.9 GHz for tablets and other handheld devices. In addition to offering support for WiMAX, 3G/HSPA and Wi-Fi, the new platform is also compatible with Google's Android OS, Meego, and Moblin. "Intel is bringing together a breadth of applications and ecosystem support across these platforms to enable a software- and Internet-compatible user experience for developers and consumers," added Anand Chandrasekher, Intel senior vice president and general manager of the Ultra Mobility Group.

Intel's new Moorestown platform is available today, however devices based on the technology probably won't hit the market until Q3 or Q4. Then again, device manufacturers may have been waiting on Intel to make its Moorestown appearance before revealing their own Moorestown devices. If that's the case, keep an eye peeled over the next few days for various announcements.