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Futuremark Software with Viper II Memory

A short and sweet announcement from Patriot Memory revealed the release of two bundles containing Futuremark's 3DMark Vantage software and the Viper II DDR2 memory kit. The bundles come in two flavors: DDR2 4 GB PC2-6400, and DDR2 4 GB PC2-8500. According to the company, both sets offer PC builders the necessary tools to "build the ultimate performance system."

"Even with the emergence of DDR3, DDR2 technology is far from becoming obsolete," says Les Henry, Patriot's Director of Engineering. "Incorporating our Viper II heat shield technology into our high-end gaming for DDR2 gives the consumer a choice. And by combining our products with Futuremark's state of the art software it becomes a real win-win for the consumer."

Both bundles are listed over on Newegg, with the PC2-6400 costing $59.99 and the PC2-8500 version costing $69.99