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AMD Expected to Launch Kabini and Temash in Q1 2013

According to Notebook Italia, the company is planning to introduce Kabini and Temash during this quarter. Kabini is AMD's second generation low-power APU that succeeds Brazos 2 and will integrate the new Jaguar cores. Temash is AMD's ultra-low power APU that replaces the Z-60 Hondo APU as the company's processor for tablets, at least until the cooperation with ARM will result in competitive products. Kabini will reach down to a TDP of 18 watts and Temash will have to at least match Hondo's 4.5 watt TDP to be taken seriously.

There is some speculation that AMD could be demonstrating Kabini and Temash behind closed doors at CES, but Notebook Italia believes that the company will not kick off mass production until March.

So far, AMD was not expected to roll out Temash until Q4 2013. Q1 sounds a bit optimistic to us, but any improvement over Q4 could help AMD tremendously to gain credibility as Intel is preparing its 22 nm quad-core Valleyview SoC, which promises twice the performance of the current Atom Medfield SoC. Intel is scheduling bay Trail for a late 2013/early 2014 release.

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