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Play 'Fallout 4' On Your Rift This Week Thanks To Vireio Perception, HTC Vive Room-Scale Support Coming Soon

Vireio Perception is a free, open-source VR injection driver being built by volunteer members of the Meant To Be Seen (MTBS3D) community. The driver has been available for Rift developer kit owners for some time, but the final Rift and Vive aren’t yet supported; that's changing, though.

Neil Schneider, Director of the Immersive Technology Alliance and President of MTBS3D, revealed that Vireio Perception will be getting a major update later this week that will include support for the new Rift and the OSVR hacker developer kit hardware. Schneider told Tom’s Hardware that support for the HTC Vive is under development, including its room-scale tracking technology, although neither are coming in this week’s release.

Schneider made the announcement during an episode of his new interview show, Neil’s Messy Basement (see vieo below). This week, Schneider interviewed Denis Reischl, one of the developers working on the Vireo Perception project. The two of them discussed some of the upcoming features, including a game profile creation tool that was demonstrated in the video. Schneider told us that this feature is still being finalized, so it may not be released in this week’s build.

The developers behind Vireio Perception have been teasing DX11 support for months. A clip of Bioshock in VR was released back in October. Vireio Perception 4.0 will be the first public release of the VR injection driver that supports the newer graphics API. The first DX11 title with VR support will be Fallout 4. Reischl said that as soon as Bethesda announced the game, the team knew they wanted to play it in VR, so they made it a priority to get it working.

Vireio Perception 4.0 will be released later this week.

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Kevin Carbotte is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He writes news and reviews of graphics cards and virtual reality hardware.