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G.Skill Hits 3,466MHz With New Trident Z RGB 32GB RAM for AMD X399

Memory expert G.Skill continues to expand its "Trident Z RGB (for AMD)" series of memory kits, commonly known as the TZRX models, with the addition this week of a 32GB quad-channel kit that clocks in at 3,466MHz.

(Image credit: G.Skill)

Previously, Ryzen Threadripper owners opting for a 32GB memory kit were limited to DDR4 speeds of 3,200MHz. With its new DDR4-3466 Trident Z RGB memory kit, G.Skill is once again raising the bar for high-speed memory on the AMD HEDT (high-end desktop) X399 platform. The Taiwanese memory manufacturer's latest offering consists of four DDR4 memory modules, each with 8GB capacity in size. The modules operate at a guaranteed frequency of 3,466MHz with an operating voltage of 1.35V. The memory kit's timings are configured to CL18-22-22-42. 

(Image credit: G.Skill)

G.Skill validated the memory kit on Asus' latest ROG Zenith Extreme Alpha motherboard, along with AMD's Ryzen Threadripper 2950X 16-core processor. The memory kit passed over seven hours of MemTest and put in impressive AIDA64 benchmark results, such as 80,749 MB/s read, 98,747 MB/s write and 80,777 MB/s copy.

As always, G.Skill's Trident Z RGB memory kits come equipped with Intel XMP 2.0 profiles for an easy setup and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

The G.Skill DDR4-3466 Trident Z RGB for AMD memory kit will be available worldwide via G.Skill's distribution partners in the first quarter of this year. G.Skill hasn't revealed pricing yet.