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Report: Intel Haswell to be Released on June 2, 2013

Consumers apparently will be able to get their Haswell processors beginning on June 2. The slides indicate that Intel is preparing 14 different desktop SKUs as well as seven mobile SKUs for launch.

Of course, Sunday, June 2 as the introduction date for Haswell is still speculation at this point, but Intel traditionally launches new architectures on Sundays and there is no reason to believe that the company will break this tradition with Haswell. The extended introduction is likely due to the Computex tradeshow, which opens its doors on June 4 to 8.

Haswell therefore arrives substantially later than originally anticipated and it appears that Intel's product cadence has become much more elastic recently. The original tick-tock model that was introduced in 2006 predicted die shrinks in uneven years and new architectures in even years. With the a June launch date, Intel is about six months behind its own plan.

The information posted by VR-Zone also reveals a slight change in the sequence numbering system. The models Core i7-4930MX, Core i7-4900MQ, Core i7-4800MQ, Core i7-4702HQ, Core i7-4700HQ, Core i7-4702MQ and Core i7-4700MQ switch their name extensions from "QM" to "MQ". HQ models are new in the lineup.

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