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Intel Phases Out 19 Core-i3, i5, i7 and Pentium CPUs

Intel is set to phase out the Core i7-930, i7-950, i7-960, i7-980 and i7-990X on the LGA 1366 platform to its end-of-life cycle. The LGA 1366 platform was first introduced in November of 2008. It represented Intel's high-end desktop platform. To this day, this platform continues to hold its own in performance against to today's top processors (Bulldozer, Sandy Bridge and Sandy Bridge-E). The LGA 1366 was replaced by the LGA 2011 (Sandy Bridge-E) on November 14, 2011.

Intel is set to send the Core i3-540, i5-650, i5-660, i5-670, i5-680, i7-860 and i7-870, along with the Pentium G6950 and G6960 on the LGA 1156 platform to its end-of-life cycle. LGA 1156 was first introduced in September of 2009. It represented Intel's mainstream desktop platform. The LGA 1156 platform was short-lived with its replacement by the LGA 1155 (Sandy Bridge) in January of 2011. 

The LGA 1366 and LGA 1156 boxed parts will be available for order until June 29, 2012. Tray SKUs will be available until December 7, 2012 or until supplies are depleted.

Along with the processor discontinuance, Intel also announced the phasing out of its H55, P55 and H57 chipsets.

  • Derbixrace
    19 core CPUs was the first i thought and i was like WTF is this?
  • memadmax
    That sucks...
  • Dacatak
    Intel, cleaning house.

    Now if only they'd phase out the Core 2s and consolidate the remaining SB Celerons and Pentiums into the Core i# nomenclature.
  • Dacatak
    ...and do away with Atom.
  • sonofliberty08
    what about the crappy Atom ? should be clean out :p
  • joytech22
    How about they phase out ATOM?
    That piece of junk is pretty much useless except for basic office applications.

    And still, everywhere I go the machines they use in businesses either have core 2 duo's or i3's.
    Except for this book store that had an Atom checkout machine. LOL.
  • fb39ca4
    This is only to be expected...must've been a slow news day.
  • pyr8t
    I too was interested in the details of a 19-core CPU. :)
  • willard
    memadmaxThat sucks...Why? Do you really want to go spend your hard earned dollars on a three year old platform that's more expensive and slower than the current one? These aren't cheap chips they're phasing out, and you could upgrade your system to Sandy Bridge for about the same cost and see WAY better performance.
  • slhpss
    Derbixrace19 core CPUs was the first i thought and i was like WTF is this?i was kinda upset about the lack of 19 core processors as well...