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Cooler Master Intros CM Storm QuickFire Ultimate Keyboard

Just over a month after launching the CM Storm QuickFire XT mechanical keyboard, Cooler Master has introduced the CM Storm QuickFire Ultimate, dubbed as the most potent and complete gaming oriented mechanical keyboard in the QuickFire series. It's currently up for grabs now over on Amazon for a not-too-shabby $105 USD (opens in new tab), but temporarily out of stock.

According to the company, this latest gaming keyboard is equipped with ultra-durable mechanical Cherry MX switches, guaranteed to survive at least 50 million taps. It also has an anti-ghosting tweaked matrix, NKRO support via USB for unlimited simultaneous keystrokes (Windows only), and full LED-based backlighting featuring three modes for illuminating only certain keys, and five brightness levels.

The keyboard also features an embedded steel plate for maximum stability and durability, a super grip pad and keyboard stand-offs with rubber feet to keep the peripheral from sliding around during intense online deathmatches. The keyboard's 6-foot braided USB 2.0 cable is detachable and gold plated, and can be tucked out of the way along the underside thanks to routing grooves.

Cooler Master said the key caps are laser-marked and have a non-glossy "grip" coating to improve tactile response and eliminate fading. They can also be removed thanks to an included key-puller (and an extra set of keycaps). There are also seven easy-access multimedia shortcuts, and the Windows keys can be disabled so they're not sending gamers back into the desktop when accidently pressed.

The keyboard is offered in three colors of illumination: Cherry MX Blue switches with a blue backlighting, Cherry MX Brown with a white backlighting, and Cherry MX Red with a red backlighting. A Limited Edition version is offered in Canada sporting Cherry MX Blue switches with red backlighting. Additional specs include a 1000 Hz / 1 ms polling rate, a weight of 3.04 pounds, and an overall measurement of 17.9 x 6.1 x 1.2 inches.

For more information about the latest Cooler Master keyboard, head here.

  • patrick47018
    Maybe I should get my first mechanical keyboard
  • nevilence
    yer its getting to the point where they sound fairly bad ass, that and my current keyboard has less than a full set of functional keys and the little stands at the back have snapped off =P this is a sexy looking replacement.
  • John Bauer
    11392866 said:
    Maybe I should get my first mechanical keyboard

    Do it, you won't regret it. I bought myself a Razer Blackwidow 2013, I love this thing.
  • combine1237
    Looks nice, I love my Quickfire Pro, and one of the main improvements this one has in my opinion over the Pro is full back-light, making it much more aesthetically pleasing then the Pro to me.
  • f-14
    no macro keys, no multimedia function keys. i'll stick with my merc stealth
  • adimeister
    It looks a little the same as the Ducky Shine 2
  • Cons29
    personally, i dont use macro keys, those specials keys? i cannot remember using them in any game whatsoever. They are not on top of my list. Matte, nice, dont like glossy keyboards, yes im looking at you black widow (i own one)
  • TheBigTroll
    if you are getting mechanical for the first time, razer will not provide the same experience
  • TheMentalist
    this looks damn awesome, CM Storm!!
  • master9716
    Best looking keyboards are the Corsair ones, to bad they have problems '' apperantly '' not sure about the new versions.