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Windows 10 Arriving On Xbox One 'Post-Summer'

Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Game Studios Phil Spencer recently answered a question on Twitter regarding where the Xbox One console and Windows 10 marriage stands in relation to the Windows 10 release schedule. He said that the release will begin "post-summer," indicating that Xbox One owners won't see Windows 10 on their consoles until after the operating system is released to the desktop/laptop crowd this summer.

However, the question itself references to the beta, meaning that mainstream Xbox One owners may not see the operating system until the end of the year or in Q1 2016. Microsoft will likely unleash Windows 10 beta to Xbox One owners who sign up for the preview, similar to what Microsoft is doing with the Insider Program for Windows-based desktop and smartphone customers.

We already know that Windows 10 will experience a staggered release, with the PC version expected to kick things off in late July. Exactly where the other devices fall into the schedule is unknown for now, but Microsoft is expected to launch the platform on smartphones, tablets and more in the near future. And thanks to Spencer, we now have an idea of when to expect the platform on the Xbox One.

Two benefits of having an Xbox One and a desktop, tablet or smartphone with Windows 10 installed is game streaming and cross-device multiplayer capabilities. The game streaming aspect should be obvious: a Windows 10 laptop owner could load up the Xbox app and stream The Evil Within from the Xbox One console stationed on the same network.

The cross-device multiplayer aspect means that supporting games will allow an Xbox One gamer to play the same game with a Windows 10 desktop owner. Microsoft provides an example, reporting that Fable Legends will enable one player to serve as a villain on Windows 10 PC and one player as a Hero on the Xbox One.

Bringing Windows 10 to the Xbox One console is no secret; Microsoft execs have stated for a while now that they want one operating system to rule all Windows devices spanning from mobile to desktop to console. But what will Windows 10 add to the console other than cross-play and game streaming? We expect to see Microsoft shed more light on this mystery next month during E3 2015 in Los Angeles.

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