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Celebrating One Year Of 'Overwatch'

Tomorrow, Bliizzard’s Overwatch will celebrate its one-year anniversary. In that time, new characters, events, and maps were introduced that kept players addicted round after round. Whether it’s fighting for supremacy against a rival team or escorting the payload, there’s something for everyone in Blizzard’s competitive first-person shooter. Starting today through June 12, you can celebrate the occasion with a new seasonal event called the Overwatch Anniversary.

During the event, you’ll be able to play on three new Arena-sized maps, which are designed for three-versus-three-player elimination matches. This includes the ancient ruins of the Necropolis, the abandoned homes in the Black Forest, and the picturesque fort of Castillo.

However, new maps aren't the only thing special to the event. As you play, you'll earn Anniversary boxes, which can give you new icons or sprays. These prized boxes can also give you legendary skins for some of your favorite characters such as D.Va, Tracer, Mei, or Pharah. You can also get new dance emotes so you can celebrate with your team before the match begins.

If you prefer, you can choose to buy the Anniversary Loot Boxes with real-world money, and it starts at $1.99 for two boxes all the way up to 50 boxes for $39.99. However, buying the boxes outright means that you can’t open them until the event is over.

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