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Plextor introduces 12x SATA DVD±R/RW Drive

Chicago (IL) - Plextor announced its new PX-712SA DVD±R/RW drive, which offers 12x recording speed for DVD+R and 8x for 8X DVD-R. "Plus" DVD media reach a recording speed of 4x. CD-R and CD-RW media are recorded in 48x and 24x.

At 12x, the drive writes data at a transfer rate of 16.5 MByte/s, which allows the drive to record a full DVD in just under six minutes, according to Plextor.

The drive comes with an Serial ATA (SATA) interface instead of the parallel ATA physical storage interface. For users, SATA does not only offer an increased bandwidth of 150 MByte/s. Installation procedures are simplified, since there are no Master/Slave configurations necessary.

Plextor will ship the drive in May. For $229 buyers get a software bundle form Roxio. Included are Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 - DVD
Edition and Roxio PhotoSuite 5 SE. Plextor also announced that it will offer SATA conversion kits for its models PX-5224A and PX-708A DVD±R/RW on a limited basis free of charge.