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Our 20 Favorite Apps For Your Windows Phone 8 Device

Shrink Storage

It's unfortunate that the otherwise solid Windows Phone 8 operating system has a storage glitch where, in some cases, the Other/Apps category can grow by itself. Fortunately, the free Shrink Storage app can take care of the problem if you're unlucky enough to experience it (like I was).


None of the ringtones bundled with Windows Phone 8 sound enough like a phone ring for me to take them seriously. A free app called Ringtones (by AnKo Software) has a huge selection of alternatives, along with a great interface for finding and bookmarking favorites. My only complaint is that many of the tones are given the same name, so a bit of searching is needed to find the perfect one. This software is supported by unobtrusive ads, though if you want to get rid of them you can pay $2.49 for Ringtones Pro.  

Battery Level

Windows Phone 8 provides a handy battery level icon. But if you want a bit more detail, the Battery Level app (by The OC) is the way to go. It adds Live Tile support, Lock Screen support, and a free-ninety-nine price tag.

Assorted Games

As a gaming platform, Windows Phone 8 started out slow, but is gaining momentum. I'll list a few of my favorites:

Asphalt 7 Heat, an excellent $0.99 racing title with online multiplayer capabilities. Asphalt launched with choppy performance, but was recently patched to offer smoother frame rates.

Next, Survivalcraft, is the best mobile Minecraft clone I've ever seen, available for $3.99.

Armed! is another great game for the phone. It's an excellent cross-platform turn-based-strategy game that sells for $2.49.

Also worth mentioning is QONQR, a geosocial Risk-like territory capture game.

For you shooter junkies, Modern Combat 4 is absolutely gorgeous. It's the best (and so far, the only) first-person-shooter that Windows Phone 8 has to offer.

Those are the apps and games that make my life a little more entertaining, and dare I say productive. I can honestly say that I don't miss the iPhone. Microsoft nailed Windows Phone 8, which continues to pick up developer support. Hopefully the company can maintain its momentum and give its customers a viable alternative to the iPhone/Android duopoly.