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In Pictures: 40 Unusual Computer Case Mods

On The Table

Now we know what Lian Li’s prototype looked like.

Cool Cooler

Some turbulence is nice to see (even though we typically spend our time trying to get rid of bubbles).

Did Someone Lose A Wheel?

This rim might not be to everyone’s taste.

Soda Dispenser

If you're going for effective cooling, might as well chill your soda at the same time, right?


Turning it inside-out. We see what you did there.

Firing On Both Cylinders

We always like to see a V2.


This probably isn’t the right enclosure for an AMD graphics card.

Mini PC

This is how you build a Mini PC.


Another Thermaltake knockoff, though this one could have been made by Ikea.

Wooden Squared

Since we’re keeping it natural, here’s another biodegradable case.