In Pictures: 40 Unusual Computer Case Mods

Plastic Explosion

This thing looks like a mixture of Raidmax, Aerocool and a hotel in Dubai.

Wizard’s Tower

And because we’re on the topic of architecture, here’s another skyscraper.


Sometimes bigger isn’t better. Things went a bit too far here. This setup would probably be great for a cryogenic storage facility.

Medical Equipment

This thing looks like it could keep your heart beating during surgery, despite those swords at each corner. Consult with your doctor before use.

Lots Of Cables

At least the lighting’s nice. Cables can actually be hidden, you know.


We don’t think this is standard Army issue.

Genie In A Bottle

There are always ways to recycle a nice empty bottle.

New Perspectives

This is the PC from page 17, taken from a different angle. I realize mods are largely subjective, but it still doesn’t look any better to me.

Undead Vacuum Cleaner

This is a great Gothic appliance for hardcore rockers who like to keep their rooms clean.



  • MeteorsRaining
    Interesting, I'd love to make a full wood case myself. Also loved those classic deisgns. But it'd be amazing to see a case made of lego blocks!
  • Nuck Chorris
    Apple didn't come up with the trash can look after all.
  • AndrewJacksonZA
    Building that rodent PC must've been... taxing.
  • kamhagh
    omg this is awesome :D

    Initiative For A Clean Internet i can't stop laughing :D
  • AndrewJacksonZA
    Well wooden you know it, another one finding the lighter side of case modding. :-)
  • op8
    why is every monitor in these photos 4:3?
  • nukemaster
    14707978 said:
    why is every monitor in these photos 4:3?
    Because these are mostly very old mods.

    I would love links to the original locations/forums/build logs these images came from.
  • hackintosh777
    One more Trash Can mod that I'm building:

    It's not finished, only a build log for now.
  • g-unit1111
    If I ever get the time and/or money I'd love to do a Steampunk mod of my H440.
  • blackbirden
    Here is my project