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Which Web Browser Should You Run On Your Android Device?

Responsiveness And Security


The general responsiveness test consists of subjectively evaluating the scrolling smoothness of each browser while loading the Tom's Hardware homepage, with the mobile version of the site and the WBGP delicious page loaded in background tabs. The browsers are scored between 0 and 5, with 0 being a crash/freeze and 5 being completely fluid.

Chinese browser Maxthon is eerily smooth during page loads, though not perfect like Safari or its iOS counterpart. That's why we give it a 4.5. Firefox, despite its often-heinous UI lag, manages to keep content comparatively smooth. Dolphin and Sleipnir are practically the same in terms of scroll lag, while Chrome and Opera are noticeably worse.


BrowserScope Security holds the browsers up to 17 different security checkpoints.

Chrome again steals the show, passing 16 out of the 17 security tests, while Firefox passes 13 tests to earn second place. The stock Android browser, Dolphin, Maxthon, and Sleipnir all pass 12 tests to tie for third place. Opera Mobile comes up short, passing just ten security checkpoints.