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VIA Arming the PCIe/AGP PT880 Pro Chipset For P4 Upgrade Business

Still To Come: PT894 Pro With Dual PCI Express

The PT894 Pro will have something that Intel is obviously not planning to support in the desktop area. Of course I am talking about dual graphics capabilities. NVIDIA's SLI (Scalable Link Interface) solutions are already around, and ATI is currently working on its response.

All current SLI solutions for the P4 platform are based on kludges such as combining single x1 PCI Express ports into larger physical connectors to get SLI running. NVIDIA's Pentium 4 nForce chipset will be the first core logic product to support dual x16 PCI Express graphics for SLI. Although current SLI solutions technically run at x8 PCIe only, that can be considered adequate and reasonable .