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Dual-GPU Battle: Does Frame Pacing In Catalyst 13.8 Turn The Tide?

Results: BioShock Infinite

Based on these results from FCAT, it doesn't appear that Radeon HD 7990 has a problem with dropped or runt frames in BioShock Infinite. The card does encounter lower minimum frame rates than the GeForce GTX 690, though.

Nvidia maintains a tighter performance range, encountering higher minimum frame rates and achieving lower maximums. This is where AMD derives its average performance advantage though, since its peaks are more prominent.

Frame time variance is almost identical. Though the new driver does register an advantage in the canned benchmark sequence, there shouldn't be a sizable difference subjectively.

My video of the canned benchmark appears comparable across all three configurations. However, the results of tomorrow's story will be interesting because real gamers don't play canned benchmarks. Chris had his respondents play through the first level of BioShock to get their opinions. Will the outcome differ?