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Computex 2007: The Last of Its Kind

Orientation At Computex

As with last year, Computex is taking place in four different halls. Hall 1 is the main venue, where most exhibitors can be found across various floors. Hall 2 is at the opposite side of the Taipei 101 building, and traditionally has hosted the big motherboard companies. In between these two you will find Hall 3, which is the newest addition to the exhibition area; it is probably three years old. Hall 4 is behind the world trade center, and here you find Intel and some exhibitors who need more space and quiet.

If you've been here, you'll know that it is not very difficult to find your way around. Here's what you can find in the different exhibition halls:

  • Hall 1: Components, peripherals, communication, media, overseas exhibitors
  • Hall 2: Systems, motherboards, add-on cards
  • Hall 3: Optoelectronics, digital audio and video, software & security, embedded and industrial products
  • Hall 4: Emerging enterprises, "stellar" exhibitors (Intel is here)

Hall 1 and 4 are close to each other, and they're directly connected to the Grand Hyatt hotel, which turns into an unaffordable business battleground during the Computex week. You have to cross a street if you want to get to Hall 3, and you'll have to cross another street to reach Hall 2. Be prepared to dodge cars and spend several minutes at red lights. Since the Taipei 101 skyscraper and the adjacent mall were completed, there are covered bridges that you can use to travel between the halls more comfortably. Hall 2, by the way, is poorly air conditioned, which brings me to a very important topic for Computex travelers: Taiwan is very hot and humid in June, usually at around 85°F. This doesn't sound so bad, but the humidity is extremely high. Whether you bring suits or dare more casual dress, rest assured that you will sweat.

You certainly will not starve or die of thirst as there are plenty of restaurants - ranging from McDonald's to excellent local cuisine - Starbucks and other culinary hideaways. Plus, and I consider this the most enjoyable part of Taiwan, people are amazingly friendly and hospitable. They would never start biz talk without having offered a cup of tea or water to their guests first.

Hall 1 wasn't ready on Monday afternoon. Many people are trying to finish the booths, and there is still a lot of trash on the walkways.

Computex hall 3 was the latest addition to the show floors. It is located between Halls 1 and 2, right next to the impressive Taipei 101 skyscraper.

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