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Three Down-Draft Heat Sinks: The Last Of A Dying Breed?

Enermax ETD-T60-VD: In The Box And Installation

Enermax is predominantly known as a power supply vendor that is still new to the cooling world. It had an impressive debut with the ETS-T40 tower-style cooler, and the company now sells a down-draft heat sink and fan combination called the ETD-T60.

The ETD-T60 is available in two versions. One, the ETD-T60-TB, comes with a fairly low-key 120 mm cooler rated for anywhere from 37.57 to 86.70 CFM at fan speeds from 800 to 1800 RPM. 

However, we received the ETD-T60-VD, which sports Enermax's T.B.Vegas Duo 120 mm fan. The fan has a total of 18 red and blue circular LEDs, which really catches eyes. Unfortunately, you lose some of the "go" in exchange for the extra "show." Our review unit's fan is only rated for 33.26 to 75.98 CFM at the same 800 to 1800 RPM. The fan is mounted to the cooler using a plastic frame.

Enermax employs a universal backplate for all CPUs. Four spacers are stuck through the motherboard and screwed into the backplate with run-of-the-mill nuts. The company bundles an adapter for Phillips screwdrivers in case you don't have the necessary hardware. Two metal braces have to be screwed to the bottom of the cooler with a pair of screws each, and are attached to the four spacers with knurled nuts. This secures the cooler to the motherboard.

The cooler’s shape is asymmetrical; the shorter side is designed to float over installed memory without touching taller modules. Enermax's ETD-T60-VD can be installed on all current AMD and Intel platforms except Intel’s LGA 2011. Thermal paste is also included in a small application syringe.