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Three Down-Draft Heat Sinks: The Last Of A Dying Breed?

Scythe SCKC-2100: In The Box And Installation

Scythe's SCKC-2100 or Grand Kama Cross, now in Rev. B, has been around for a long time, and it has an excellent reputation. The cooler’s size is quite imposing, with Scythe’s own 140 mm Slipstream fan enthroned on the top. Including the fan, the cooler is 140 mm tall and 180 mm wide, immediately disqualifying it from use in a HTCP or compact chassis.

The Scythe SCKC-2100 uses the same mounting hardware that we saw in our previous tower-style cooler round-up, which, again was published on Tom's Hardware Germany (fortunately, the data we gleaned in that piece is also available in our CPU Cooler 2011 charts). Installation is easy for AMD platforms. Two retention clips need to be screwed into the cooler’s bottom; all of the other needed hardware is already included with AMD-compatible motherboards. The clips snap into AMD’s standard retention module, which, in turn, sits on the pre-installed backplate. The clips' height can be adjusted with three settings, and the cooler's orientation can be freely chosen.

This process gets a little more complicated on Intel platforms, which require a specifically-designed backplate. Nevertheless, this combination of mounting hardware allows Scythe to support all current AMD and Intel platforms.

Thermal paste is included in a small bag. A syringe would have been more practical.