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Four 10-Slot Cases For Four-Way SLI, Tested And Reviewed

Which Is The Best Case For An XL-ATX Motherboard?

When it comes to systems with four dual-slot graphics cards, XL-ATX and ATX motherboards typically wind up with the same issue: due to the thickness of graphics coolers, they both require one more slot at the bottom. Further complicating matters is the fact that XL-ATX isn’t actually a standard form factor.

A motherboard form factor is a fixed set of dimensional values that define its size and standoff locations. No single manufacturer has yet been able to do that with XL-ATX. The problem is that competing vendors specify their own versions of XL-ATX at eight or nine slot spaces in length, various widths, and differing amounts of overhang past the standoffs. With no official template from which to operate, we’re fortunate to find that Evga, Gigabyte, and MSI at least use the same mounting points for the added (fourth) row of standoffs near the bottom edge of these oversized motherboards.

Ultra ATX, on the other hand, is a standard. It was defined by one company on a single product that never actually went into production. Companies began making cases for this motherboard before discovering that it wouldn’t be produced, and those cases are either still being offered today or were replaced by similar models built to support the same standard. The great feature of Ultra ATX is that it supports a double-slot graphics cards mounted in an XL-ATX motherboard’s bottom slot.

This means that, regardless of which XL-ATX motherboard you buy, an Ultra ATX-based case is almost certainly the ideal chassis in which to put it. Even extra-long HPTX cases are designed with the extra slot specified by Ultra ATX.

Ten-Slot Case Features
Azza Fusion 4000Enermax Fulmo GTRosewill Thor V2 WhiteThermaltake VH6000BWS
Space Above Motherboard2.0"3.0"0.7"0.5"
Card Length14.5"16.8"13.1"14.1"
Weight42.3 pounds23.4 pounds30.9 pounds36.9 pounds
Front Fans (alternatives)2 x 120 mm (None)1 x 180 mm (2 x 140/120 mm)1 x 230 mm (1 x 140/120 mm)1 x 140 mm (1 x 120 mm)
Rear Fans (alternatives)1 x 140 mm (None)1 x 140 mm (1 x 120 mm)1 x 140 mm (1 x 120 mm)1 x 120 mm (None)
Top Fans (alternatives)None (4 x 120 mm)1 x 230 mm (2 x 230 mm, 3 x 140/120 mm)1 x 230 mm (2 x 140/120 mm)None (1 x 140/120 mm)
Side Fans (alternatives)None (1 x 180 mm, 2 x 140/120 mm)2 x 180 mm (4 x 180 mm)1 x 230 mm (4 x 120 mm)1 x 230 mm (None)
Drive Bays
5.25" ExternalSixFourSixSeven
3.5" ExternalNoneNone1 x Adapter1 x Adapter
3.5" Internal8 x Backplane 2 x CageTenSixFive +Two**
2.5" Internal4 x Backplane 8 x Shared*TenSix*None
Card SlotsTenTenTenTen
*shared on 3.5" tray, **XL-ATX motherboard requires removal of two 3.5" drive cages

We’ve already gone into quite a bit of depth on the added features, so today we finally get to see how well each case fits and functions with our quad-card SLI configuration on an XL-ATX-based board.

Thomas Soderstrom
Thomas Soderstrom is a Senior Staff Editor at Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews cases, cooling, memory and motherboards.
  • tarekwm
    4 way sli is too damn excessive! but anyway nice builds
  • metallifux
    The enermax looks like a carbon copy of the CoolerMaster CM 690 II Advanced
  • de5_Roy
    damn those cases look huge, in a good way.
    i am pretty sure i could live in the top apartment compartment of the azza case. it has in built cooling, water supply if one is using water cooling, a bottom grill window and so on. ;D
  • joytech22
    I just wish I could find the Azza Fusion 4000. >:\

    I could really take advantage of the dual mobo feature.
    Just stick a i5-i7 Mini-ITX system in the top for thin clients, servers for gaming at lans etc..

    Then use the more powerful bottom system with a KVM switch and use whichever you want for whatever task you intend to perform. :)

    That's what I would do anyway.. I might get thumbed down but that's my use.
  • pro-gamer
    wow!!! azza 4000 is best solution for four way sli/cfx
  • ksampanna
    I know it's not a cpu/graphic card review, but come on ... 980X & 4 580s beg for performance numbers
  • Dacatak
    I would also love to see some benchmarks for those four 580s.
  • DRosencraft
    Does anyone actually know a place in the US you can get the Azza? I can't seem to find one.
  • buzznut
    I think the Enermax case is really sharp. The Thor isn't bad looking but the Armor is god awful. I don't like the aesthetics of the Azza case, but I bet the top portion could be put to use as a housing for a pretty wicked water cooling setup! That's what I'd do anyway.
  • The toms guys are without ideas. Why not make a competition looking for de pc cheapest-fastest?