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High-End Gear: HP Photosmart 7960 and Scanjet 4600

Color Photo Print Quality 2

The previous photo was enlarged three times. Here it is enlarged six times.

Original photo, actual sizeOriginal photo enlarged 6X
Canon i865Epson C84
hp photosmart 7760hp photosmart 7960

At 600ppp, so looking at the photos in even greater detail, we can see the colors are much smoother with the gray cartridge (photosmart 7960) than without (photosmart 7760).

If the previous test was not discriminating enough for you, this one provides a clearer idea of the rankings. HP is first. Its colors are the most faithful (just lacking a smidgen of red) and its ink drops are the least visible, even with such a big enlargement as we show here. Then comes Canon, followed by Epson with too much magenta and more visible drops than on the i865.